Information for authors

As a rule, Heron publishes only papers of employees of the organisations that finance Heron. These organisations are TNO, Eindhoven University of Technology and Delft University of Technology. Exceptions are made for issues on a specific subject (special issue). Such an issue is organised by a guest editor. Guest editors sometimes also invite international experts to write articles.

Heron is an open access journal. Therefore, it is freely available on the internet to scholars and students all over the world from Russia to New Zealand. Heron is also printed as a paper booklet in an edition of approximately 1500 copies. This is distributed to subscribers all over the World, mostly to libraries and research organisations. The subscribers do not pay a fee for this. The Heron journal is available in many top universities of developed countries but also in developing countries for example Sri Lanka and Cuba. Unfortunately, Heron publications are not counted in the Science Citation Index. This is a consequence of the way Heron is financed. On the other hand, Heron publications are included in the important data bases such as Scopus and Google Scholar with citations.

Manuscripts can be submitted to The authors do not pay a fee for having a paper published. There is no limitation to the number of pages. The manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed in an anonymous peer review process. If a manuscript is accepted the authors are asked to process the review comments. (Please mark every change to the manuscript. In addition, please write a short reply to every significant review comment; for example "We agree. The manuscript has been changed in the following way. ..." or "We do not agree because ..."). An editor decides whether the review comments have been processed satisfactorily.

Finally, the manuscripts are edited for publication. A print proof in pdf-format is send to the authors for a final check. Issues first appear on the website due to the production time and shipping time needed for the print-version.

The editing process can be speed up greatly by submitting the manuscript in Heron format. To this end the following templates are provided.

Download the Word-template
Instructions on using the LaTeX-template (pdf)
LaTeX-template and LaTeX example